What we believe

As Christians, we encounter numerous challenging ideas and conflicting worldviews, spanning topics such as biblical inerrancy, human sexuality, abortion, and the relationship between the Christian and government.

Navigating these complex issues requires assistance for believers seeking to uphold a Christian worldview. In pursuit of this goal and to aid Christian men in constructing a robust Christian worldview, some individuals and groups have drafted declarations addressing these various concerns.

These declarations aim to assist the people of God in thinking biblically about these issues. Through such statements, our objective is to offer clarity and transparency regarding our stance. We strongly encourage you to explore these declarations, as doing so can inform and refine your worldview.

The Frankfurt Declaration

The Frankfurt Declaration of Christian and Civil Liberties. In the course of human events, it sometimes becomes necessary for people of good faith to speak out against the abuse of power. This should be done only after serious and prayerful deliberation, and even then, in an attitude of humility and with respect for the authorities that have been established by God.


The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

The authority of Scripture is a key issue for the Christian church in this and every age. Those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are called to show the reality of their discipleship by humbly and faithfully obeying God’s written Word. To stray from Scripture in faith or conduct is disloyalty to our Master.


The Norman Statement on the Abolition of Abortion

We affirm that the only answer to sin is the gospel of Jesus Christ, that abortion is the sin of child sacrifice, and that the darkness of child sacrifice can only be meaningfully pushed back by the light of the gospel. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy all works of the devil, and we strive to follow Christ, who leads the Abolitionist Movement, in so doing. We affirm that abolishing abortion, while not the content of the gospel, is an implication of the gospel, thus, a Great Commission issue, wherein Christians are charged to teach people to obey all that Christ has commanded.